{Cranky Prego Rant} Beware!!!

I'm feeling Blah. I have not been able to do anything craft wise in WEEKS! My kitchen remodel is taking up my whole house (which is not a lot). This is the 4th week in a row that it's been going on and I had been doing really good at keeping calm and … [Read more...]


Don't forget to link up to Just Something I Whipped Up today over at the new party blog.******* I have no idea why I feel like I want to write a post like this but I kind of just want to get some things out there. If you've been around here for … [Read more...]

Ta-Dah! And Some Direction

Okay, Okay, I know I'm nuts! And all I can say is thank you for bearing with me while my insanity gets the better of me and I make over this blog. Again. I know it's very different than what I typically have as a design but I came across this layout … [Read more...]

When Real Life Takes Over

So, this is going to be one of those boring type of posts that should really be reserved for my personal blog (which has been sorely neglected) but what the heck. Someone here may want to hear the grueling details of my regular, un-creative life. And … [Read more...]

Sharing is Fun!

*Edited - seem bottom of post*Every week I get emails from bloggy friends and readers regarding different things and I truly love hearing from everyone. I love it more when they tell me about some things that I can pass on to you. :)First, I wanted … [Read more...]

Crafting Mishaps

I think we should have a linky party for all of the crafting mishaps so that we all don't feel alone. Or at least so that I don't feel alone! lolI soooo wanted to post something, anything, today but it's just not happening. I had a brilliant idea … [Read more...]