New to TGC: Monthly Photo-a-Day Challenges

I absolutely love new beginnings! And what screams new beginning more than a brand new year, right? I have some fun new things that I’ll be introducing to TGC in the coming weeks but in the meantime, we’ll start with the first one:

Monthly Photo-a-Day Challenges January Photo-a-Day ChallengeIf you’ve never participated in a photo-a-day challenge, let me give you the scoop!

  • Each month I will share with you a list of words or phrases for that month. You will take a picture of something that you associate that word with and then share it on Instagram. Don’t use Instagram? No worries! Share on whatever social media site you choose! Use the hashtag #thegirlcreative so that I can check out your photos.
  • If you miss a day (ummm, Hello! I  missed 5 already! lol), no big deal. I’m sure there will be days that I don’t get to it either. Just pick back up the next day and all is well.
  • Search by the hashtag #thegirlcreative on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see who else is participating. It’s a great way to make connections!
  • If you have suggestions for next month’s list, I’d love to hear it. Leave it in the comments.

I’d love for you to follow me on social media and tag me in your photos so that I am sure to see them!

Instagram: @thegirlcreative

Twitter: @thegirlcreative


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  1. Deloris says

    Love your printables and other DIY ideals. And it’s especially wonderful to know that you love Jesus, so do I. And I’m looking forward to taking the photos a day challenge.

  2. Annie says

    I found your blog through Pinterest. I love it and all of your wonderful art and DIY’s! I have two grown sons and could not be more blessed. I’m new to, “The Nanahood” but wanted to tell you that I am touched by your priorities as a Mom and that you love Jesus. You’re a blessing to your family and all who follow you. God bless and keep you and your family. Looking forward to the photo challenge. Sorry for TMI.

    • says

      Thank you so much, Annie! You are so sweet! :) Motherhood is superhard. As my kids challenge me and I fall short, I appreciate my own mom all the more. I’m sure I gave her a run for her money! lol I’m thankful for God’s grace because I surely need it! So glad you are going to join the photo-a-day challenge. :) XOXO

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