First Day of School Printables

First Day of School Printables

The first day of school for us is September 3 this year and I’d be lying if I said I was not looking forward to it. My house has been a wreck all summer. The laundry has gotten even more out of hand (I didn’t know that was even possible!!!).  The girls tolerance of each other (and their 3 year old brother) has gone out the window so ummm, yeah. I’m ready!  Plus my kids thrive on being busy and seeing their friends and with the laid back summer that we had this year, they are anxious to get back to school as well.

For the last few years I’ve made “First Day of School” signs for my girls to hold up while I took some pictures. I always made them up at the last minute but this year I managed to get a whole set created to share. I fully intended to have them done earlier but when you have the boy who smashes drinks off the table with a bat, climbs on the dishwasher to get onto the counter, runs out the front door every time he gets a chance and only has one speed (warp!)…………ummm…… kinda can’t think straight!

In addition to the regular K-12 signs, I made 2 extras.

First Day of School-v2-Pre-K First Day of School-v2-Senior Year

Download the full set HERE.


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