Little Yellow Butterfly Shirt {Pattern}

It’s taken my some time to post this one.  And, truthfully, I’d been waiting for a photo of Madelyn IN the thing.  (smile)  I happened upon opportunity for that photo this autumn so here’s to sharing.  Now, I’ve used the pattern many, many times and if you’ve read me you’ve seen it here and among other posts. However, this – by far – is my favorite version to date.  Madelyn adores this top.  She loves the butterflies, the key details, the velvet bow and the special tree button.  It’s been worn quite often and will still fit her in the spring because I made it tunic length.

I also added some extra ribbon around the sleeves.  This was actually a first attempt for me.  In all my years of sewing…I’d yet to stitch on some ribbon trim just so.  It was soft enough to keep the sleeve floating but stiff enough to give the sleeve a little more body near the hem.  I couldn’t have been happier with how the ribbon trim turned out.

I know it’s the middle of winter in our country.  More-than-likely, I won’t be seeing my grass until spring as our snow hasn’t melted.  No complaints.  I love snow!  But I have been planning a spring garden and why not have a little spring sewing to get our imaginations going?  There’s a link to the pattern specifics in the original post I mentioned above.  I’ll still be using it again and again.  Also, you may read about the elastic thread I used on the waist here and here.  So perfect for little girls to run and play in when they want something that’ll whip in the wind.

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