"The" Best Sugar Scrub Recipe

I know, it’s been done dozens of times over.  Sugar scrub recipes can be found internet-wide.  This one’s different though.  Really.  So, let me tell you why.

I go through stages.  I love to learn new things, master them, then move on.  Fickle?  No.  Creative.  I also love to feel self-sustained from time-to-time.  Anti-cosmetic industry?  No.  Creative.  All-natural freak?  No, just creative.  I like to be able to do things myself.  And I did.

Anyway, this scrub is what I was hunting.  Without pointing any fingers, I’ll list the pro’s.  This scrub: has no harmful or wild-and-strange chemicals, is almost completely natural, does not need to be stored in the fridge, will save you money in spite of making it yourself, is not overly scratchy, may be customized, may be consumed, makes a wonderful gift, will be a pleasure to shop for, will not leave a sticky residue, will stay good for around six months if it’s around that long,  is pretty and has no lurking, funky odor underneath smells good. So, politely, those were problems I had with many recipes I found around town for homemade sugar scrub. And, that’s why this one’s different.

Here’s my ingredient mix (sugar is not shown here – but you’ll need it).  Before you panic, you won’t need all of them; I just wanted to give you options.  I will also provide a link to each ingredient if, by chance, it cannot be purchased in a local craft store by you.  Mine was a 50/50 split.  All things were available by me.  I purchased some on line anyway though for better variety, larger size and price.  Nothing is overly expensive.  My most costly ingredient, Glycerin, was $14 but will be in my supply for months and months and is used in lotions and creams as well. So, it’s all good. Considering an 8oz jar of fancy sugar scrub can run upwards of $18, I’m happy.  This is the first of several homemade skincare projects I’ll be sharing.  Yes, finally getting around to them (they’ve been in my sidebar for months) and they’re all basic recipes.  I’m running out of the first round of products I made so, I figured it was a good time to share as I refill.  (smile) If you love these types of body products and fly through them in your home, this may be your ticket. Keep reading for the recipe and tutorial.  Eventually, I’ll create a PDF with all of them.

~Lemon Verbena Sugar Scrub Tutorial~

You’ll need an 8-10 oz jar, the lid is optional (I found mine at Dollar Tree), 1 cup of granulated sugar, 30 drops of a fragrance oil (here too) of your choice (stay away from essential oil for now unless you are experienced), 3 oz food grade glycerin (also commonly found in the soap-making aisle of craft stores), 2 drops of yellow food coloring (the only quasi-natural ingredient), a few drops of Vitamin E  if you desire, 1oz of Grape Seed Oil (drier/good for summer) or Sweet Almond Oil (heavier/good for winter); neither will clog pores and both have great skin benefits. You’ll be able to turn a doorknob immediately after using this scrub in spite of the oils and it’s not too much under your favorite lotion.  Good right?  Use a mix of both oils if you like.  I broke this recipe down into ounces instead of percentages (the cosmetic science way) because really, it’s just a scrub, not a more involved lotion or cream. Measure the wet ingredients (all in one container is fine) and measure the dry ingredients.

Give the wet ingredients a little stir to combine them.  I use an old orange peeler for this.  My measuring cup (preferably glass to avoid the fragrance sticking) can be found by the bake-ware at Walmart.

Pour the wet ingredients into the jar the scrub will remain in (glass if you’ll reuse, plastic is fine for one use).  It’s hard to funnel thick scrub – messy too.  So, unless you’re storing the scrub in a wide-mouthed jar, just mix the wet and dry in the jar.  It’s easier to wipe the sides a bit from stirring then to funnel it all.  Just my experience.

Add sugar a few tablespoons at a time and stir.  This insures the wet will be evenly distributed and keep separating at a minimum.  You will have some separating and there’s a chemical you can buy to stop this… but I promised you something else.   I keep my scrub open, by the sink, with a small spoon inside.  I like stirring it every now-and-then.  It makes me feel rustic and causes me to pause and pray while washing my hands.  It helps me slow down when I think I can’t.

Keep adding sugar and stirring until you’ve reached a consistency you love.  You may or may not use the entire cup of sugar.  And here’s where preference comes in.  If you like a heavy scrub mix in the last few tablespoons of sugar, the next day, after the mix settles.  The jar may be full today but will have gone down some tomorrow.  The heavier the scrub the less separating  will occur over longer time.  The sugar will not dissolve…because there is no water in the recipe.  There is also no need for a preservative because there is no water (distilled or otherwise). So, try to keep the water out and you’ll go far.  
Wash your hands with the yellow wonder, pat them dry.  Sniff and smile.  
And there it is – Lemon Verbena Sugar Scrub.
You can make it too.
Be creative with it.
…and Pin it.  It will help people.

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    Hello! I scoured the web this past Christmas, looking for a candy cane scrub recipe to use for gifts. After making several batches and tweaking things, I found that my preference came down to one thing: using coconut oil. Coconut oil has a melting point of 76 degrees, so the scub holds together nicely and isn’t oily/greasy…feels luxurious…and melts when you put it on. The smell is mild so it mixed well with scents. I melted the coconut oil in the microwave originally to mix it thouroughly.

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