Pretty Little Cash Envelopes (free download)

A penny saved is a penny earned.  It’s true…but for most also incredibly hard to do.  For some of us, you know, it’s not about lack of desire or inability to save but money management.  Now, I’m no expert but I’ve learned a thing or two over the years: having your cash IN HAND makes a difference – so does tithing regularly.

I remember one time when Shawn had to cash his entire paycheck.  He came out of the bank, got in the car, opened the envelope about to designate cash here and cash there – and he stopped.  He sat there for about a minute and just looked at the money.  ‘Honey, I don’t remember the last time I actually SAW my paycheck.’ Here’s to direct deposit and debit cards.  The experience changed how we handle our finances.

Actually SEEING real money on payday was such a boost of confidence for us to be even better stewards of the provision God has given us.  And now, we always take out cash for groceries, gas, etc.  And wow, is it easier to ‘feel’ the money disappearing when you see the bills leaving your wallet in the flesh!  BUT… it’s also easier to save.
I mentioned to him back then about how my grandmother kept cash envelopes.  She’d used regular mail envelopes and taped them to the side of the fridge with a title written on their front. When my grandfather was paid, he cashed his check, brought it home and the money was divided among the envelopes.  This is how they saved money, even back then.  The bank was used for a savings account (they’d add lump sums) and the occasional check.

With the new year approaching and all the resolutions I thought to share this story and make up some cash envelopes as well.  I got tired of the ones from the bank but loved the style and shape…so I based my designs on that.  There are several other designs I made and if anyone would like them, I will gladly upload those as well.  I’ve created a PDF of the floral cash envelopes, there’s even an envelope for a Christmas stash.  The assembly directions are printed right on the page. Have fun!

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    I would love to see the other ones you made. We also use this system and this is SO much nicer then the plain white ones I know use…but DH thinks the flowers are a bit much LOL.

    Thanks for all you do…I love getting it in my mail each day :)

  2. says

    I’ll get the other ones guest posted here soon. So glad you like them! I actually made a men’s version… lol, so it’s funny you mentioned it! There are two or three versions total and I did them when I was laying around at the end of my pregnancy. (smile)

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