White Hot Chocolate

Winter hasn’t quite arrived here in Omaha though, it looks like winter today.  It’s overcast yet bright and the sky resembles that of the last few moments before snow begins to fall.  It’s thirty-seven degrees out… still pretty warm for us but stirs up those familiar hibernation feelings for me.  They give me pause, the first few days of the pre-winter season.  My girls were napping and I decided to try and hang up the Christmas stockings.  We have a fireplace in this house, a new twist for us.  It’s non-working and was added when a turn-of-the-century hotel closed downtown.  They sold everything – even the ornamental fireplaces off the walls.  I went to hang the stockings under the mantle and realized it still needed a good cleaning from when it’d first been installed, perhaps it was just neglected over the years. I’ve been so busy since we moved in I hadn’t noticed.  No stockings yet but now, it shines.

Anyway, I needed something while I was working so, I made a quick cup of White Hot Chocolate.  It’s so easy to make and unique as well, a far cry from the same old thing.  It’s about 200 calories with one cup of 1% milk, a tablespoon of white chocolate chips, 1/4 teaspoon of Splenda and a pinch of cinnamon.  Just heat it all for about a minute and-a-half in the microwave, whisk, pour into a special cup and sprinkle the cinnamon on top.  The teacup and saucer in this photo were my Grandmother’s. She had a thing for ducks.  Had a thing for tea too. The 200 calorie count includes the marshmallows on the side by the way.  It’s so delicious and the melted chocolate gives the drink a velvety feel just before it slips down.  So perfect for something different around the holidays if you’re bored with regular cocoa.

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