How to Make a Wreath with Christmas Tree Clippings

So, here’s my dollar wreath. Yep, it was really a dollar. I wrote about the free greenery here and of course, the ribbon roll hailed from Dollar Tree. There’s always just enough ribbon on the rolls they sell to make a nice-sized bow.  This was my first time working with fresh cuttings from a fir tree. It spanned two days, my effort; that is, to put a wreath together. It was easy…I just didn’t think it would be. The first day, I went out on the front porch where the pile of cuttings sat, picked up a few limbs, tried to shape them for about a minute, gave up and went inside. On day two I went out to visit the branches again and was a little more social so, we got somewhere.

I noticed there’s a natural curve to Fraiser Fur boughs and if you bend the main stem of the bough in its natural direction…you’ll go far.  My supplies were basic; twine, scissors, ribbon and branches.  The wreath on my door consisted of three boughs, all of similar size and fullness.  All I really did was overlap the boughs where they begun and ended, tied them together in about five spots where the ‘bending’ pressure would be and made a circle.
I worked from the front of the wreath and added a few stray branches here-and-there to hide any exposed twine – I just tucked them in and they stayed.  Then, I picked a top and bottom and put on a bow (photos below).  I hung the wreath with an over-the-door thing I bought at Target years ago.

So, if your climate permits, snag some free greenery and make up a wreath or two.
Just be ready for some sappy hands!

~Make a Bow for Your Wreath~
Start with a length of ribbon, about two yards makes a great bow like the wreath above.  I’m not sure how much yardage is on a Dollar Tree wire ribbon spool… but it’s just the right amount for me every time.  So, unwind your ribbon if it’s on a spool then make several folds back and forth to equal the number of loops you want.
 Tie a length of twine or thread in the center; tie it tightly several times.
 Adjust the loops to where you’d like them to stay by moving and bending them around.  Keep a thumb and index finger of one hand holding the center knot securely while you adjust.
Then, fluff the loops.

 Finally, use the tail ends of the string or thread you tied the center with to secure to a wreath, a present whatever your heart desires.
This was the start of an evergreen centerpiece I was working on for our dining room table.  I’ll post here at Project Inspire soon.

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