Easy Sofa Blanket Tutorial

So, I’m totally excited to share this news with you! You know my friend Dawn from The Heartland? Well, she has agreed to come on board as a contributor my little cohort at The Girl Creative. Guess what? She doesn’t “only bake”. She sews and crafts and refinishes furniture too. I KNOW!!! What an addition to the blog huh??? Here is her first contribution but don’t worry, you’ll be seeing much more of her. :) Oh, if you are looking for more of Dawn’s sewing adventures, visit her for that fun stuff as well. :)


I hit a great sale on home decor remnant fabrics a few months back at Hancock Fabrics. I picked up 2 1/2 yards each of these two fabrics. They are both upholstery weight fabrics but were soft enough to be cozy. I finally pre-washed them, no issues there and sewed them together. It only took me 3 months to get moving! The blanket expense was around $10 and cost me an hour of my time. When I decided on yardage, I simply added a 1/2 yard to my husband’s height of 6′, so either of us could use it without our toes getting cold. The fabrics were 58″ and 60″ wide, so I had two inches to trim off of the sides of one when I laid them out for pinning. The results were a gorgeous and heavy, yet not hefty, sofa blanket with custom size. No, it’s not perfect, but let’s be honest… it’s going to be in a heap on the sofa, more often than not, and no one will ever notice. Below are the tutorial photos. I left them small for faster loading time, click on them to make them nice and big… no picking on my stitching.
Yay! The fabric pile is going down!

When you fingerpress, you use the tips of your fingers to press your fabric instead of your iron.

And THAT is how this baby was thrown together.
Very simply, no big to-do, and nothing perfect.
Just lovely to live with.
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    That’s adorable, and despite being very simple seems far too complicated for me!

    Also I’m passing out some awards today. Come by and grab yours if you get a second!

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