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 ell I’ve baked up a storm in my little kitchen a few weeks ago  in anticipation of a yearly ministry conference being held at my church. It was last month. As a result, I’ve stockpiled around five recipes to share with you over the next week or so. The first being this Gingerbread Biscotti recipe.


he Gingerbread Biscotti speak the true language of Autumn, with deep spicy flavors mixed into the dough.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger… they’re all in there.  My husband loves gingerbread – he also loves a good biscotti. He now enjoys the way his favored cookie reshapes into a dip-able stick with a glass of milk for a late-night snack.  He’s not much of a tea/coffee drinker, so he goes for the milk.  The scent in my home while these baked was reminiscent of Christmas to me.


t any rate, this is my favorite biscotti recipe for many reasons, the best one being the dough is SO easy to handle.  You’ll have the logs shaped in less than a few minutes flat as the dough is hardly sticky.  It slices easily after the first bake, biscotti bake 1-3 times, and if you follow the first baking time, your biscotti should have a slight ‘give’ in the center.  Go for the second bake time if you like superior crunch along-side your coffee. This is the simplest biscotti recipe I’ve posted to date.  If you’re a beginner baker and want to try these Italian-born desserts, start with this one.

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    awww this brought back such fond memories of my dad baking biscotti. I love gingerbread but have never tried a biscotti. I think I am afraid of it going too hard before I can slice into strips but this has given me the confidence to try it this year instead of my usual gingerbread cookies for Christmas!

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    I am in the middle of this recipe and it won’t stick together.. its prettty well dry! Not sure what’s wrong. I went to some other gingerbread biscotti recipes sites, and there always seems to be a bit of oil or butter in their recipe. Did you forget to put that in or did I do something wrong? Not sure what to do now…

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