Burnished Chocolate Cookies

(Guest Post from Beat Until Fluffy)

After what seems long enough to have given up, after so very many attempts, I recently baked a chocolate cookie I am happy with. In my opinion, a chocolate cookie should meet certain criteria, call me a perfectionist, but I like my cookies a certain way.

The flavor should be robust when it comes to chocolate, as true chocolate flavor is no pansy and the scent should be firm, obvious, undeniable. The center of the cookie should be soft, dense and stand apart as something different from it’s shell – it’s outerwear should have a slight crunch. I expect a chocolate cookie to parade a sheen that catches my eye, grabs my attention and begs me to eat it and end it’s life. In case you haven’t caught on yet, I’ve just elaborated on the Burnished Chocolate Cookie recipe. Go bake some. You’ll never spy a chocolate cookie with the same regard again.

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    Wow! I love chocolate and your cookies look AMAZING!
    Thanks for stopping by D’Lea Designs and leaving me a comment. Believe me, this School Station is probably the most organized area in my home ;).

  2. says

    Hi Holly, you most certainly can opt to leave the coffee out. It won’t effect the texture of the cookies as they bake. Just add a little more cocoa if you’re concerned about that.

    Glad all of you enjoyed this recipe!

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